Klipsch vs Maggies decisions

Guys,I am in a dilema.I need to make a choice on either a used set of 1.6's for $1200 or a new set of Klipsch RF82's. I have had mags MG2C's and 1.4's since 1989and I love thier sound as long as you don't push them to hard.The klipsch's sound really good to me. Does anyone have an opinion if I'm giving up alot of quality? Please help...
if the klipsch sound good to you, get em......especially if you like rock music. get the maggies only if YOU like em....not because audiophiles say they are superior.
I am in a dilemma:

For my birthday dinner, I am either going to have steamed vegetables, or rib steak au poivre with chocolate cake.

My point is, I cant think of two speakers that are more dissimilar than Klipsch and Magneplanars.

So perhaps you need to further examine your audiophile conscience.

As Jaybo correctly points out, Klipsch speakers, at least historically, are highly efficient and therefore well suited to blasting rock and roll.

Magneplanars are not, but excel in other areas including midrange and imaging. The price tag for amps that work well with Maggies mean that they are more expensive to own, in the end, than there price tag might suggest.

Although I would not want to use a cheap amp with Klipsch speakers, they will probably run well with lower power amps which might spare you some change.

And yes, in the end, whatever makes YOU happy.

Good luck.
I would not buy new Klipsh speakers. I would buy Chorus 2's or something like that. That is if I was buying Klipsch.
I would buy the Maggies and listen longer with less db's.

Buy the slightly older Klipsch, push em hard, they can handle it. They also sound very very good with softer more gentle music. Besides, with their high sensitivity rating you can give tube amps a try in the future.
if you prefer extremely dynamic sounding music then the klipsch are the ticket but if imaging & accuracy are what your looking for then the maggies are the ticket.

as cwlondon pointed out the asociated costs to run the maggies could be substancialy higher than the klipsch & make running tubes alot harder too.
jaybo,you're xactly right.I think when you read too much of this stuff you get a little brainwashed.Anyway I ended up buying the Klipsch because I think they're more musical than the Mags.As far as cwlonden,I can't afford to be an audiophile,although I woud make a good one.Thanks guys..Tony
I get a kick out of this. It's Klipsch hands down every time. There is only one great speaker being made in the world today.
gentlemen, there is one factorbeing overlooked. the klipsch has a box as an enclosure for its drivers. an experienced ear will "hear" the box. it is sometimes referred to as cabinet coloration.

it can be intrusive, depending upon the design of the speaker.

it is a consideration when selecting a speaker.

Congrats on the Klipsch purchase! Get a decent, doesn't have to be high dollar, tube amp and you'll be lovin' life. The RF series already have the nicer titanium diaphrams, so all you need to do to your RF's are to upgrade the stock crossover. Upgrading the crossover, pretty easy and doesn't cost much, will take your RF's to another level.

I love my Klipsch paired with my Eico hf-81 intergated tube amp. It cost me $325 and it just amazing paired Klipsch.

Funny thing for me, is that I've sold both brands over the years. I know what both can do mostly. I'd be trying to see what kinda sound I could get from some modded Klipsch's with tubes over the Maggies though! (lol). I know, I know...Don't say it. I just don't care for the lack of dynamics and power on the Maggies. Yeah, very very clear, detailed, and pretty. But the horns will rock, and can be made to sound good with the right setup...and ya can do HT wit'em! I might break the Maggies...