Klipsch Speakers

I have a pair of Klipsch Forte IVs, they are bright will a tube amp really help? 


I have the klipsch forte iv all round they are a pretty good speaker.dweller is right the binding posts  come loose have to retighten from the inside. I took the metal caps off and installed the iso acoustics gaia ii. As for brightness they are a bit forward. I saw a YouTube video where the guy removed the horn an tweeter,and put dynamat on the for damping which he claimed to help. I think in the end though your equipment will determine how they will perform. Klipsch recommends low watt output tube amps,I’m using a Mac 462 Aesthetix sig.pre-amp,but have not been able to try as my preamp is been upgraded haven’t gotten it back yet. Dweller where did you get the copper strips from? 

I have tried for 50 years to 'like' Klipsch speakers, I have always failed.  I have listened in stores, at shows, in Klipsch demonstrations and friends homes. I have listened with solid state, tubes and hybrids of all possible configurations and prices. They, to my ears, have been universally awful. If you don't like them changing amp, speakers, rooms, treatments, sources, cables and anything else will make no difference. They will, to you, continue to sound bright beyond belief.

I would suggest using tube amplification from the same era as the speakers, such as Conrad Johnson mid range amps, which were renowned for rolling off highs.

Check with online stores and inquire about a home demo. Many offer a trial period and could offer suggestions as to what pairs well with your Fortes. Demo a couple amps and if not happy , try different speakers.