klipsch heresy

I have the opportunity to buy a pair of 1982-83 Klipsch Heresy at a good price. I am currently running Klipsch KLF-10s as my mains with a Velodyne sub. I have a 2A3 Set power amp and a George Wright AU-1000 preamp. Just wondering what differences in sound I can expect from these two speakers, and what if any differences are there in the sensitivity of these two(decibel levels?)
I had Herseys and a lot of other Klipsch speakers. Yes they do sound good. I have a pair of Quartets that I no longer use (due to an all Linn system) that sound like Herseys on steroids. Forgot the sens for the Herseys, the Quartets are 97.5% happy listening.
Herseys are usually over priced IMO........compared to Forte, Quartets, and the other larger (and better sounding) models.

$350 or under would be great though?.....you didn't say what your "great price was?"

I have KG4's and upgraded Forte 1's

100 dollars cash 100 dollars trade for wine(I am a winemaker). Thats my good price!
You are a lucky man. Cheers.
Modify the crossovers. I have a pair in the road cases. I re built my crossovers with way better parts. I used high grade caps, new aircore inductors, & Cardas speaker terminals and better internal wiring. I also put some dynamat on the back side of the midrange horn to get rid of the ringing from the aluminum casitng. My Heresys kill many more expensive speakers after the mods. With a cary 300b integrated they are pure magic. I use these speakers mainly for jamming at parties but they also sound really good.
stick with your current set up.
jaybo, do you have a reason to say that i should stick to my current set up?
For the price it is an easy decision. Certainly you could determine the differences on your own and decide which you prefer. Having owned both models, I will tell you the Heresy's will be a bit more forward or 'brighter' than the 10's. Some prefer that, some don't. The tube amps you are using should ameliorate some of that brightness though. My advice, get them and then enjoy a nice glass of wine while listening to some Mozart. Enjoy!
the heresys won't give you better sound than your current klipsch set up....only different.