Kharmas with Atma-Sphere

Has anyone here tried kharma speakers with any of the Atma-Sphere OTLs? As successful as the Kharma/Tenor OTL pairing can be, this seems like a natural for one of the more powerful OTLs.
Yes I used the Kharma 3.1s with a pair of Atma-Sphere M60mkIIs with great success. I tried many amps with my Kharmas (Joule Heaven's Gate, Pass, BAT VAC) and they sounded very good but not great, the Atma-Sphere was the best the group for these speakers it really brought out the best features the Kharma has to offer.
Which Kharma?

I have tried the M60's, MA1's and MA2's with the Kharma Midi Grands, Exquisites, 3.2s and 3.1s and they all have the same characteristics with the Kharma's.... too lean. With the Tenor amps, the speed, transparency and openess is there, but there is much more body and clarity to the music.

My experience is based on getting all of the Atma-sphere amplifiers on trade for the Tenors. I was also a Kharma dealer.
Gjrad - Which versions of the M60s do you have? There is a mkII.3 out that is styled similarly to the MA-1s. I was wondering if you have any first hand exsperience with how this compares to older M60s. (Although very recent versions of the old chassis style M60s are supposed to sound very much like the new ones)
Mine are not the latest version that just came out but the version before. Have not heard the new one yet.