Kharma enigma signature mains cable- Your views.

Anyone tried the Kharma enigma signature mains cable for source?. I'm currently using Tara Labs Colbalt but heard the Kharma is even more musical. Shame I cannot loan one to audition. Any feedbacks appriciated in advance.
I auditioned these along with Kubala-Sosna emotions a few years back. Both are balanced and refined. The bass in both is very controlled and deep, but the KSs have the best controlled bass that is very impressive, while the Kharmas have a bit smoother top end. Mids are about the same, nice and grainless. The Kharmas are very smooth overall, with
no fatigue, and I really liked them and could live with them long-term. They were much less fatiguing then Nordost Valhallas, which are piercing.
In the end (after buying the KSs), I went with Stealth Indras, which were even better in both bass and highs and
had a more detailed, inviting midrange.
Thanks Rgs92. I'm only interested in their PC's and not their interconnects. I'm using the Tara Labs Zero Gold XLR interconnects and very happy with them.

OOPS, sorry, I read your post wrong. Thanks for mentioning
the Tara ICs, never tried them but I am curious.

I use a Stealth Dream preamp-specific cord on my EMM DCC2
that I enjoy as a balance between smoothness and resolving-power and, strangely, after trying several much more
expensive cords on my EMM CDSA, a TG SLVR that turned out the best with no artificiality or lumpy bass or stepped-up highs but also with just-right resolution. If you can find a used one, I think it would be worth it to spend a few hundred to try it and resell for no loss later if needed.
Thanks again Rgs92, I've not heard of the TG SLVR and will do some research into it. I used to use VD Genesis 1.1 but the tara Labs Colbalt is much better in every way. I own the Emm CDSA-SE.

Anyone have any thing to say regarding the Kharma Enigma signature PC?