just how good are soliloquy 6.3

I'm updating my old system, one piece at a time. going first are the kef104ab's. I will use my current hafler dh220/110 for a while. I have a 13x18w10' ceilings room and am considering the 6.3's (used of course). The only hold back is the weight,are they difficult to move forward and backward? I mainly listen to folk,rock,hillbilly and Jazz once in a while. Any suggestions for speakers under 2k appreciated. And yes I'm a geezer with geezer ears and think my 104ab's sound great, just want something slimmer and not as ugly
I don't have any experience with the 6.3s, but I have really liked the 5.3s. For me, the 6.3s might be too much. You ought to audition the 5.3s if you have a chance. At any rate, happy listening!
Hi, I have both the 5.3 and 6.3 in different rooms, the 6.3 are a little taller 4" and weigh little more 20Lb's. Both are about the same pain involved when moving, once you installed the 4" speaker spikes. The spikes go thru the carpet into the floor, so it pretty easy to rotate, but it's a two person task to fully relocate. Also based on your room size 5.3 are a better match, the 6.3 need a bigger room or you may get too much base. The speaker are very easy to drive, I have tried, Ayre, Tandberg, and now I use VAC amplifiers. Speakers look good, very good construction, good sound, good value.
I use my 6.3s in a 12x12x8 room and have no problems with bass.These speakers are only as good as the components infront.I use mine with a Music Reference RM9 MK2 tube amp and Quad 99 CD-P as the source.Cabling is VooDoo Reference ICS and Bluetruth Biwire .If you get them ,biwiring will give you the best sound out of them.If your looking for speakers that will disappear with the music these do a damn good job of it.The soundstage is outside on the lawn with mine.Give them 400 to 500 hrs to break in if you buy new.And if your not impressed with them it's time to change something upstream.Good luck!