Jumping back into Analog

I have recently rediscovered the joy of quality audio. My current system consists of the following components:
1. Manley Stingray integrated amp
2. Cambridge Audio D500 CD Player
3. Perpetual Technologies P-1A and P-3A
4. Meadowlark Heron I speakers
5. Technics sl-3200 turntable
6. Phono stage is an old Onkyo integrated amp A-5

I need to get a new turntable, phono stage, and cartridge.
I've got about 300 albums and and looking for recomendations for under $3000.
check out the Basis 1400/Rega/Grado combo.listed in the audiogon used area.ITS A STEAL!! Get a Black Cube and your done.All for under $2000 !!
Thanks David99. I will check it out.
I'll second David on the Basis table. There are a number of good, low-priced tables out there, but as an owner of an older one (the Ovation) I can say that the Basis tables offer high-quality engineering and sound and are not at all fussy once set up. The Rega arms seem to work well on them, as well, so if you get the arm in a package with the table, go for it. If you can squeeze it into the budget, though, and you get the table without an arm, see if you can find a used Graham arm--the 1.5 is excellent, and may be available from time to time at a decent price with people going for the 2.0s and up.
Thanks reprise,
Loved your thoughts and have looke at some of your other comments in the forums.