jumper materials/methods.

looking for suggestions on jumper materials and/or systems.to be used on aerial 10-t's.thanks in advance.
All kinds are out there (though) rare:

Mapleshade Records makes a set of custom made.
Cardas does jumpers too,

I *think* Analysis Plus makes them also. But I think it is probably best to match your own wire as Marakanetz sez.

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Interesting responses...
You should try to find a Brown Electronics Lab set of jumpers. They're the best thing I've ever heard of unless you're bi-wiring. The cable in your speakers is NOT necessarily what you want for jumpers. Try Audio Concepts in Houston. Their number is 713-527-0774. I'm not an employee, but they have been great for me in the past.
Not stupid question just stupid answer. Sorry about that, no harm intended. I have heard of after-market jumpers, just not sure what the name is. I'm sure someone on this site will help you out. Good luck.

didn't know this was such a stupid question.thought there might be something i didnt know.
The best jumping material is your own speaker wire.
If you don't want to break it than figure what it's gauge and use the same to step up for the next binding post.