Pass amp break in methods ?

I am trying to find out about breaking in Pass X 350.5 and here are my thoughts since I have read that break in can take up to 300 music hours:
1. Use my FM turner tuned to an FM station via preamp at an extremely low level that can be faintly heard on the speakers.
2. Off tune the FM turner so only a slight hiss can be heard.
3. Place an 8 ohms/10-25 watts wire wound resistor as the speaker load and let it burn via the FM turner, adjusting the volume so the resistor only becomes warm to touch.
4. Leave the amp turned on without feeding an input signal.
I am very thankfull for any suggestions.
THX Terry
nothing works as well as normal listening
If you are going to leave your amp on, just play music from say a Cable tv source. Why screw around with the resistors ?
I own a Pass 350.5 Amp, I did not like it playing all the time just to break it in quicker.
I just kept track of the time I played it.
It sounds pretty good after 100 hours and gets better.
I forget where I read it (audioholics?) but there is one school of thought that suggests that break-in is a one time intial process and that once a unit is turned off the process is terminated. I suppose something like speaker surrounds could be exempt for this thinking.
Don't worry, just play music and enjoy the process and the journey as the amp breaks in. It will happen and when it does you will know it. Certainly you don't want to miss that "moment."
Break in as follows:
1. Install the amplifier
2. Listen to music
3. See #2
Terryakhan, I used the resistor method with my amp and again with my speaker cables. It works great. 24/7 - no noise and you're done in 2 weeks vs. months.