Judas Priest on VH-1 Classic Friday 2-3-06

Vh-1 Classic is going to playing the
Judas Priest-Live In The East DVD concert
tonight 2-3-06! The DVD is already out,
BUT if you don`t have it yet, and you want to
check out the concert before buying the DVD,
Tonights the night to do it.
"You've got another thing coming"
"Living after midnight"
My favorite tunes ever since I first listened to them back home in Greece when I was still a teenager.Man to this day I love these two songs.
Thanks for pointing that one out... what a crack up. Geez eons ago Sad Wings of Destiny seemed dangerous extreme and subversive as hell, (wished they could have kept it going). Saw em' open for Mahogany Rush in 77'. The guitar playing alone tore the place in half. The crowd had been pounded into a zombified state. Scorched earth policy worked. Mahogany Rush could barely wake anyone up, (and M.H. was #$$**&!! Great!) Kept buying Preist records and alot of them sucked. Last year had chance to see em' again and had high hopes. Slayer opened and just smashed the poop out of Preist. They were light years apart in the intensity, skill and imagination departments. Preist really has no shame. They're kind of a big Spinal Tap caricature, the nadir of Saturday morning cartoons. Halford is half Count Chocula and half Liberace. It was nice to see them come off a good bit better on this DVD concert. At least Tipton and KK Downing can still mangle a fretboard. Look for em' on the casino lounge circuit.
"turbo Lover" was a cool tune, "Breaknig the Law", etc....they are good. Remember that kid that commited suicide and JP got blamed and sued over this?