JPS Labs versus Audio Quest (Megasam?)

How would a person rate JPS Labs cables (speaker or interconnects) to Audio Quest? I have AQ, but have heard good things about JPS. I've heard that AQ will "simmer down" a bright system ... is this true? If so, what if one doesn't have a bright system ... does that mean they don't want AQ cables? I've heard that JPS is very neutral. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm running AQ Midnight 2 speaker cables currently but have been thinking of changing to JPS. Thanks Much.
Willi no one can predict what you will like for your system, I recommend using Cable Co ( to arrange home trail of a couple cables. If your system is slightly bright or any system try Analysis Plus Oval 9, I really like this cable. AudioAdvisor has demo pair now for $250 8ft. BTW Midnight is good all round cable I used to have some. Never tried JPS line but call Cable Co and try a couple at home, this is the only way to find out.....Regards Sam
JPS is only comparable to the BEST cables at any price!! Can't go wrong. Extremely neutral. Rave reviews in all magazines. It is a reference cable to which other's are compared
I have some JPS lying around gathering dust. I do not think it is anything more than competent. For me it falls into the category of many other solid core cables - it smooths over anything nasty going on in your system and rolls off the top and bottom in a way that does not upset the overall balance. I have tried it in a variety of systems and it is bettered by many other cables. When it works it is because its "subtractive" qualities are desirable in the context of the particular system. I reckon it is OK, or even good, at the price. And if the choice is the likes of Audioquest or Monster, then I can understand why some might prefer JPS. Whew, I have been really negative this time - put it down to an over-reaction to the hype about the JPS. It is OK, but very definitely not great - and I have tried this stuff in several systems.
They are definitely overated. Big bass! No Depth and soundstage...flat! Tonal balance neutral fortunately
I can only compare them to various models of Transparent cables and interconnects. I was disappointed with Transparent's Music Wave, Music Wave Plus but thought that the Music Wave Super were pretty good. Then I tried JPS Superconductor+ speaker cable and my system came alive. I then tried the Superconductor II interconnects and since then I've had no desire to try anything else. I found them very revealing of the source. Equip: Audio Research LS16, Plinius SA100 MKIII and NHT 2.5i speakers.
I was not too impressed with the JPS speaker cables but I really enjoy the Superconductor interconnects. I have tried many other interconnects since then from Cardas, MIT, Transparent, XLO, etc. and found the Superconductors to have the most natural midrange when inserted in my system. Vocals are portrayed with an eerie "in the room" presence that simply draws you in the music. A word of warning: When I purchased my Superconductors from the dealer, he mentioned that it takes 3 weeks of continuous use for the cables to break in. I thought that was excesive and did not believe it would take that long but sure enough, 3 weeks MINIMUM. During the first few days it sounded decent(though not up to the sound of the broken-in demo pair I auditioned). After a week things started to get pretty screwy, the sound changing character like a chameleon. I called the dealer and he reassured me this was normal. After the 3rd week things started to gel and I would still recommend another week after that. So to make a long story short, make sure the cables you audition are broken in, you can read other peoples recommendation but will only know when you try cables IN YOUR OWN SYSTEM, and don't eat yellow snow.
I´m running SuperC 2 IC´s and Super + on speakers.
Them are just right. I agree them substracts a bit of top end but depth , soundstage , bass , etc .. are fine.
Unlike Genesis 168, I get plenty of depth and anything but a flat soundstage with JPS Superconductor 3 speaker cable in my system. It's no surprise that we obviously use different associated equipment.
We have our whole studio wired with JPS Aluminata and SC3. We even have 800ft of in-wall cable behind the walls going to an Equi=tech wall cabinet and Oyaide R1 outlets. We wouldn't have anything but the best in here.