Journey`s on VH-1 Classic FRIDAY 1-6-06

Awhile ago I posted to someones responce about
Anyway I found out that
Pulse will be out 1-17-06.
Anyway, also in that post I replied that I wanted to
get the Journey Escape tour DVD from 1981.
WELL, it`s on TONIGHT 1-6-06 on VH-1 Classic.
9pm EASTERN time, 8PM CENTRAL time.
Hi all, if nobody watched it, oh well.
They played MOST of the DVD.
HOWEVER they did NOT play the solos like they did
on MTV back in 1981/1982.
That`s the bad news. The GOOD news is that the
NEW DVD has ALL 3 solos,
drum solo-Steve Smith,
guitar solo-Neal Schon,
keyboard solo-Jonathon Cain. So, it sells for about
$20 plus tax.