Journey ending speakers

Listening to to my  stereo last night thinking about what upgrade I may do in the future. May upgrade my CD player or change phono cart or a new arm? But one of the things I will never change is my speakers. My journey has ended with the speakers I have now. Are you like me and have your forever speakers? Oh mine are a set of 30 year old 4 way JBL  Studio Monitors 4345s.
I bought B&W 804s in the 80s. Never thought I would find anything I would like better at a reasonable cost. But, basically to prove how good they really were, I purchased a set of Tekton Double Impact speakers as a "trial". Thinking the Tekton build-up was all hype and to really test the quality of the 804s with a newer speaker. Didn't work out that way. The Tektons displaced my much loved 804s. So I figured the DIs were going to be my bucket list speaker. Well, until Tekton announced a Special Editiion verson of the DIs and agreed to let me trade the standard ones in for them. Waiting on those now. Sometimes constants change...
I too believe I have finally purchased my last set of speakers. I recently bought a pair of Ohm FRS 11's and did the rebuild of the cans to the 3000 series. Hooked up to my Nad 375 int amp and SVS sub which I really don't need, they sound incredible. Warm, rich, depth. Nice crisp highs. A very wide spatial sweet spot. And they will outlive me. Having owned some very good PSB Imagine T's and Energy RC70's, and I still have my original Infinity reference studio monitors and a pair of JBL L26's. The Ohms have really impressed my ears listening to bluegrass, to classical, to jazz, to pop, to alt and heavy metal. Just my honest opinion.
My Classic Audio T3.3 speakers with Field Coil drivers will be my forever speakers for sure. 

I have worked hard through the years and listened/owned some great speakers. Those included Vandersteen 3a, Magnepan MGllla, Magn
apan Tympani IVa, Dunlavy SCV, ESP Concert Grand, Avantgarde Duo 3.2, Edgarhorn Titan II, Living Voice OBX-RW. Some I am forgetting no doubt but this covers most. I know a lot of these are old designs  but the point is they were dynamic, panel, horn, high efficiency etc. I missed out on electrostats.

No speaker can do it all for everyone as each excelled in given areas. A lot also has to do with your soul mating and what you consider "class" amplification.

As I approached retirement I wanted a smaller foot print speaker that was full-range, could be driven easily with tubes, and drew me into the music and did everything that music stands for. 

For me those speakers are the Gamut RS7i which I now own and love dearly.

Speakers are a personal thing as is all the rest in this hobby so enjoy the journey if your wealth allows you to do so.

Vandersteens  good choice , Also try the Totem Sky,JBL 4312 SE ,And take the house down Cerwin Vegas XLS 12