Joseph Audio RM 30 or Meadowlark Heron I

I'm thinking of a small rig for downstairs. I've got in mind to have a Adcom(I think the 750) CD player. Maybe Audio Refinement intergrated. Now it's the speaker. Do any of you have any experience with one or both of these speakers. I'm acustomed to Talons, so I know not much is going to rival the Talons, but something close to there sound in a floorstander. Thanks, in advance.
The Meadowlark is a much better choice. More natural, coherent and smoother. The Josephs will give a lot of detail, but not nearly the long term enjoyment.
I have the Hot Rod Herons and they are a very impressive speakers. Build quaility is excellent and the time coherent design (trans line 1st order) exhibits excellent tonality, frequency extention, and waveform accuracy. At the price point a worthwhile investment IMHO. There are even more impressive speakers available as you know, like my newly purchased Duo's, but for the money a "sound" investment.
mmmmmmmmmmmm, Meadowlarks.
This thread has been down(Audiogate!!) So your input please? Thanks.
I bought the new Herons this week. I am very happy. They are the first speaker I can see living with for a long time. They are so smooth, and the base is great. I have them in a small to medium room, and am able to tune them so the the base is just right. I realized this week that I never knew what base was supposed to sound like. If you want ant info, you can email and I would be happy to talk.