Jonny Cash

Saw the movie "Walk the Line" and I like that music. I have the Records from Rick Rubin, and from those I like the 1. one much more than the others.
Is there THE Jonny Cash record out there ?
Probably Folsom Prison?
I really think you have got to own Johnny Cash' first recordings he did for Sun Records..... It's what everything that follows is built upon...... Not having those recordings is kinda like being a Christian without knowing there is the Bible IMO.

The Legend of Johnny Cash and Live at Folsom Prison are both great albums to own IMO.
buy any of the "American Recordings" 4 cd's he recorded near the end of his life....they are amazing and well recorded to boot!

cmo is right...although the rubin recordings are well done, Cash's 50's and 60s output on Sun and Columbia is literally the stuff of legend.
"The Essential Johnny Cash" sold at "Target" stores only, a two CD disc set of his early recordings. $19.95....
once you have all the classics then start w/ 'unchained'
The Folsom Prison CD sounds excellent and is a remarkable example of a live performance by the Man in Black. I recently purchased Johnny Cash at San Quentin and was very disappointed. The sound is constricted and heavily compressed and this was the latest "remastered" version. "The Essential Johnny Cash Collection" is excellent. I'd purchase all the Rick Rubin CDs 1-4, I don't think there is a bad one and if you really want to complete this collection, buy the "Unearthed" collection.
Thanks for your recommendations. I ordered a few of them.
Those 4 from Rick Rubin I already have.
I could not agree with Pehare more. I actually just listened to "Unchained" today and came across this thread.. That is great that you have the Rick Rubin discs..

I came across Johnny Cash in a sort of backwards fashion. He was an inspiration to one of my favorite artists, Mike Ness. Mike is the founder and front man of Social Distortion who do a STELLAR cover of "Ring of Fire".

Good Listening,

As others have mentioned, the collaborations with Rick Rubin are all outstanding, both musically and technically. Given that you like the cover of "One", I'd strongly recommend American Recordings II: Unchained and then III: Solitary Man, which has One on it. These are the most lively of his later works. The final album is fantastic, as well, but you can really hear the struggle in Cash's voice.
My Son brought over a box set he just recently bought at Target.
Johnny Cash "The Complete Sun Recordings 1955-1958".
3 CDs, 61 songs.
Comes with a booklet full of great info.
Price $40.00
Thanks. I thought about that one, too. I just got "At Folsom Prison" and I have to say, that is one of those rare discs, I listened from the beginning until the end without getting up. His voice alone is great, his guitar players are excellent and with June Carter there is something special going on, don't know what, but it's very impressing.