Jolida JD-402 Tube Tuners

Does anyone have any experience with these? I want to buy one, but would like some feedback first?

Hmm, No one owns one of these, or is interested in posting an opinion anyway. So, I bought one myself.
I've been curious about these myself. Please let us know how you like it!
I have to say I'm impressed by the sound of this unit. I haven't completed a full critical review yet, but it's certainly a bargain at its price range. I ordered from Underwood Hi-Fi on the internet, off Audiogon actually. This has left me with some questions with regard to the units display function which Walter was unable to answer, and which was not mentioned at all in the manual. The manual which is in the range of, I'd say, a taiwanese manufactured product, which I guess this is. Sonically though, I'm more than satisfied. Now, if I can ever get through to Jolida to have them answer my questions about the display functions that, as I said, aren't mentioned in the manual, I'd be happy.
Oh yeah, the reception seems pretty good too.
I just recived one from Underwood Hi-Fi with the Level-2 mod done by Part Connection. The reception is great and I am not using anythang but the wire antennas that came with it.The sound,well the Bass is fast & deep as the hi's are crisp & distinct, the sound is not muddy at all but full and rich more like a SACD and quiet when there is stillness over the air wave.Also it is not a light weight but built to last. I have to say I am quite satisfied with it and plan to do a little tube rolling (of course).
Have you figured out yet how to get the unit to display the call letters of the station after you've programmed them?
The display button on my remote is not mentioned in the manual, and in fact does nothing when pressed. I'm waiting for a call back from Jolida on this question, but I thought you may have figured it out. Walt didn't have a clue on this.
Just an update, in case anyone's following this thread, or reads it and happens to have any information.

I finally talked to Mike Alan, owner of Jolida today. He said he "had no idea" how to get the tuner to display the programmed call letters.
He said "it's the chips now days."

I am able to get the call letters input with the station numbers, folowing the directions in the manual, but I am unable to ever have them appear on the display after that. I also noticed my remote has no "S".
Anyway, he said he'd get back to me in a couple of weeks. When he does, I'll post again.
If anyone else has this figured out, please let me know.

Hi Roloff,

I bought one of these earlier this year. With no other rivews to go by, I ended up spending quite some time at my local dealer in Seattle just listening. I really love the sound of this unit. The tubes just sound so right, especially after a good break in period. And we all know the price is excellent as well.

I learned from my dealer that the tuner stage and display are sourced from Denon. I am not sure what parts are involved, but now you know as much as I do. Like you, I have no idea how to shut off the following display anomalies: Cinema DSP and Surround Mode. I imagine Jolida could sell more of these tuners if they took the time to turn off those display items, since they give the idea that this is a surround tuner or something! My dealer had no idea, either, again stating that the items came from Denon.

However, I did sit down and figure out your "S" problem. When adding station call letters, just use a number 5 instead. The LED configuration uses the same five bars. When adding letters, just use the 5 key four times and you should end up on the 5 or "S" display.

To get the display to show the call letters, first you need to have them programmed in. Then, just simply click the "Display" button. Easy.

If you find any way to get those other display items out, let me know!

Hope this helps you. I sure am enjoying mine.

Thanks for sharing feedback on this tuner. Sounds like an interesting piece aside from the niggling idiosyncracies...
Thanks for your input Brian.
We may have different incarnations of the same Tuner. Mine does not display anything about Cinema DSP or surround mode. It also does NOTHING after I've programmed in the station call letters and pressed the "Display" button. Pressing the display button never does anything on my unit. I did figure out the use of the 5 key instead of the letter S, but until I can get it to display, it makes no difference.

Hi Brian,
It occurred to me that maybe Jolida might have turned the display function off, to get rid of the unit displaying the things you didn't want it to display,( Cinema DSP and Surround mode) so that in my incarnation, nothing displays, other than "stereo", and the station numbers, but not the call letters.
I'll ask Mike when he gets back to me, or I'll call him back after Christmas if he doesn't call me back.
I'm posting a near mint JD402A tonight.  $375
I’m getting one later today without the remote, but I basically listen to 2 stations in Philadelphia anyway and they are right next to each other.  I’ll post my impressions later.  Looking forward to hearing it :)
Set it up and it sounds very nice & picks up stations cleanly.  AM doesn’t pick up anything, even with an antenna.  I’ll try a different AM antenna.  The FM antenna is just a thin wire too.  I have no remote so I cannot store or recall stations.  I do not have the weird displays that others have commented they had, also mine does not have any kind of signal strength meter, nor do I have the ability to listen in stereo or mono.