Jolida  JD-100 Mini Mod?

Anyone have this type a mod on their JD-100? Looking for your take on how it sounds. Does it change that nice Tube sound for better, or worse? Thanks!

(Mini mod info.)
-Upgrade the tubes to Svetlana 12AX7's
-Add Soundcoat chassis damping inside to kill vibration
-Add EAR Sorbothane absorbant feet to stop feedback
-Replace the cheap jacks with a set of VAMPIRE RCA Jacks
-Run pure silver output wire for increased detail
I replaced the tubes with matched Ei (not EH, tried these didn't sound as good)12AX7s and this made a huge improvment. All else is still stock. I'm not yet convinced that additional sound damping/isolation makes a difference, especially if the unit is on a quality rack and is not close to the speakers. Also try just cleaning the exising jacks with Caigs Pro Gold.
As said above, I'd try rolling those tubes first, give it a listen and then see if you feel like you need anything else done to it. But definitely make a move on some better tubes.
IMO, the only thing that may be considered a "mod" in the package you describe is the jack and output wire replacement. The other changes are isolation and damping "tweaks" that you can yourself in a variety of ways. I agree with the suggestion of buying the stock unit and put the additional money contemplated for the "mini mod" into a nice set of NOS tubes.