Jolida JD 100. How does it sound?

I'm looking for some input from people who have heard the Jolida JD100 cd player. how does it sound? Are the modifications worth the money?

Thank you for your input.
There are tons of answers to your question waiting for you in the archives. My (short) take on it is that, simply with NOS tubes, it is an excellent player that is musical, involving, and has an inherent ability to convey so much detail that it is coherent and articulate in its expression. No digital sound whatsoever. I love mine every evening. Arthur
I am with Arthur on this one! I have mine for about 16 months now with no hiccups (knock on wood). My unit is modded by Parts Connexion and I am currently using Sylvania Gold Brand 5751. I also had good results with GE 5751's and RCA 5751's. All including the Sylvania GB are triple mica version.

I have the Jolida with Level 2 mod, upgraded clock, Sylvania 5751 triple mica black plate tubes. I would say the biggest improvement came from changing tubes. The mods definitely help, just smaller improvements. I have heard nothing yet that sounds better. I'm sure that there is, just nowhere near the price of the Jolida. I'll be keeping mine. Rick
Mine is stock & running Raytheon 5751 it. I've also tried the GE 5751 3-mica blacks & they were very nice too. Originally I picked it up with Mullards in it...I like the 5751's better. Tighter, better bottom end.
It was the most involving CD player that I've heard at that price point. Very musical if you know what I mean. It is addicting and makes bad recordings listenable. I sometimes wish that I would have picked it up instead of my cary 308T, but of couse I had more money to spend so... typical audiophile mistake.

Im with those above here on the JD. I run my stock 100 with RCA 5751 3Xmica Black plates...the best so far. The Raytheon 5751's with windmill type getters are indeed very good as are GE's...but the RCA's took it up another notch. Very similar to the Ray's..but better bass and even more palpable mids. These tubes provide an incredible increase in focus and detail over the 12AX tubes, and are much smoother on top than the stock 12AX7's.. Refines the sound if you will.

Having heard the Level 2 mod for myself, I found that it did provide a bigger and more dynamic presentation, but seemed to have lost some of the mid magic of the stock player. Overall the stock player with tube upgrade is the best bang for the buck, and keeps the warm sounding mids intact better than the upgrade to my ears. Use an excellent power cord and the use of some good point isolation cones under the player in a tri-point set up, and you have a great sounding player. I think the sound betters my Wadia 23/Electrocompanient ECD-1 24/192 player/ DAC combo.
Thank you all for your input. I'm going to my local HiFi shop tomorrow to listen to one. Eben.
Keep us informed as to what you thought of the 100 after you hear this player. Please keep in mind that your system and acoustics are going to be substantially different from the dealers shop. Its best if you could audition it at home before making a decision of course. Also, this player really shines with the tube upgrade as mentioned above. Good listening!
I loved the sound of the Jolida. It outperformed my Rotel in every way. I spent about 2 hours listening, and I could not find a flaw in it's performance. I think for the money, I can't go wrong.

Once again, thank you everyone for your input. I appreciate it.

I finally picked up my Jolida JD100. I absolutely love it. Thanks for everyones input.
This unit doesn't have important is that? SHould it stop me from getting this player?
No, I replaced my Rotel, which had HDCD,and the Jolida still sounds better. I think it's a great sounding CD player. Eben.
The Jolida is a wonderful player. I also have a Meridian 508.24 that I treasure and the Jolida I got a couple of months ago for a second system, though it doesn't have all the dynamic punch, certainly holds its own along side the 508 with tremendous musicality and detail.
Do not mod! Just roll some tubes, RCA, Ei Elites, Mullards (if you're crazy enough to spend that kind of money) etc.