Jolida 302B & Ellis 1801B speakers?

After months and months of research I think that I concluded for:
- tube integrated Jolida 302B
- bookshelf speakers: Ellis 1801b

Both of them seem to be very good products and both of them are meeting my budget: each one under or close to $900

It is a hard decision as long as I cannot audition to neither. That why I am politely asking you: if it is anyone who has experience with either Jolida 302B either Ellis 1801b speakers, please let me know your experiences and feelings.

Thank you very much
I bought a used Jolida 302B while putting a system together for a friend. That and used Vandersteen 3's along with his inexpensive Phillips CD player, off the shelf interconnects and speaker wire totaled about $1500.00. All purchased here at Audiogon and for a very fair price.

His sound is surprisingly good, shocking for the price paid and the Jolida is still running stock tubes. This is a fine little integrated amp, no reason it shouldn't be a good partner for your Ellis speakers.
I am very pleased with my Jolida 502B integrated with 1801Bs. You may not prefer the sound of the 6550 or KT 88 tubes (and the extra power) to the EL 34 sweeter tubes in the 302. Please be forewarned that the 1801s are unforgiving of poorly recorded records or CDs. That said, the Jolida amps do help to smooth bad recordings.

The Jolida 302/1801 combo has been used by the speaker designer, Dave Ellis, so I suspect that may have influenced your choice? This combo should work well in a smaller room.