Jolida 302-b Amp

I purchased a used 302-b and set it up to find the left channel has a very weak signal. I can hardly get any sound out even when the balance is turned all the way to the left. I changed the location of the tubes from right to left and the problem stayed in the left channel. I also hooked my dac up to my old amp and the problem is not there. I have to pin it on something internal in the amp. Any thoughts would be great.
Hello Bookerhm,
If you purchased a new amp, you can contact Jolida and/or your dealer. Jolida is very good about standing behind their product. If it was a used unit, even a new piece, could have been rough handled during shipping.

Some simple questions:

Did you bias the amp when you received it? This is a simple thing that many overlook and please don't take offense if you did bias the unit but I deal with this on a daily basis.

Do you have another source you could try? DVD player, CD player?

Did you swap out all th etubes including the input/driver.

Did you try a different input on the back of the amp.

If you have tried all these options and still have the same problem. Give your dealer or Jolida a call.