Joel Thorner has passed away

Joel, owner of The Turntable Factory, and one of the best turntable men in America, passed away this past Sunday after a long battle with emphysema. He was truly a nice guy. I drove down to Columbia, SC once to talk with him, talked to him on the phone once, and exchanged several emails with him. Although I never purchased his services or products, each time he treated me each time like I had just spent a wad of money. God Bless him and his family.
Joel was a very nice and great guy who was in ill health for the last few years. His services were first rate -- He refurbished my Dual 1229 a few years back and out of the blue, after a few months he called and asked how it was running. That says it all for his work. A great loss for the audio world.
Joel will be missed by many. Truly one of the good guys in audio that is not often found. Always was ready to help any of us with his gift. A great loss to mankind.