JM Reynaud Trente to GMA Callisto or Merlin TSMMe?

I'm thinking of selling my beloved JM Reynaud Trente's and upgrading to something better. I'm thinking maybe GMA Callistos or Merlin TSM-MMe. Would these speakers be an upgrade or a side step compared to what I have now?
One lesson I have learned, if you are happy with your current speakers dont sell them until you have another pair in your house you prefer. I had a guy trade me his JMR Offrandes for my Merlin VSM Milleniums I thought the Offrandes destroyed the Merlins he prefered the Merlins.
About 5 years ago I traded JMR Offrandes for GMA Continuum 1.5 i speakers. Overall I think it was a good move. The Offrandes were a little on the piercing side sometimes, but were really precise. Both speakers continued to get better for several months after installation even though they were used. It might be tough to make a decent comparison of speakers that are a good fit in your system since you probably can't try speakers out for six months a pop. Alot of times one night shoot outs are pretty useless. You could try moving up the JMR line if your room and components are suitable, or you could (hopefully) have some fun trying different things. Going nuts and not having alot of fun is a commonly chosen option.
The GMA is a step up and the Merlin a step down IMO.

Trust your ears and don't be in a hurry to spend your children's inheritance.
I've never heard the Callistos or TSM's, but I've been extremely happy with my upgrade from Trentes to Offrandes. I agree with Duanegoosen that moving up in the Reynaud line may make sense, although I've never had his experience of the Offrandes as being even remotely piercing. I'm driving mine with a VAC Avatar Super integrated amp. I find them to portray a great sense of presence, air, and timbral nuance, while still sounding pleasingly warm. I love them for jazz and chamber music, mostly what I listen to.

Someone had a pair of last generation Offrandes listed at a good price recently. I don't know if they're still available.
i appreciate the fact that you are entitled to your opinion but please tell everyone here where you had a chance to audition the tsm mme?
you may want to tell us what your system is comprized of, room size and your musical pleasure. and even perhaps what you are hoping to acheive by the change.
thank you,
I've never heard the Merlins or GMA's but do advise to listen to the JMR's.
After a lot of audio-nervosa I settled with the Offrande's and.., Jean Marie has introdused a new version, the Offrande Signature which is supposed to be - haven't listened to them yet - are faster then the former version without losing the specific Reynaud 'signature'.

Good luck with your decision..!
I have owned plenty of JMR's speakers and love them. But saying that the Offrande destroyed the Merlin VSMs? There must've been something seriously wrong in the system (synergy?). The VSMs are in EVERY respect better than the Offrandes. One would have to step up to the latest Concordes Sig. to play in the VSMs' league.
That said, the Trenté is an amazing speaker and actually better, in my opinion, than the Offrande (I've owned both).
Thanks everyone for your responses. I really do like the sound i'm getting with my Trentes, but a little more in the image/soundstage depth and dynamics departments would be very welcomed. With that said, I think I'm going to hold on to these speakers a little while longer and concentrate on room treatments first. The Trentes are are good enough for now :)