JL Audio 113 sub without external crossover

Can I run my martin logan odyssey's full range and use a JL Audio 113 fathom without any external crossover?. Are there any members doing it without the external crossover? My ML's go down to 35hz.

I would prefer the 113 fathom over an Ml Descent sub, but could get by with no crossover with the descent. JL Audio prefers to have the sub handle everything from 80hz down. Could I get by having the 113 fathom come in at 55 hz with no external crossover?

Thanks in advance
I own Eggleston Works Andra 2 speakers. I am doing exactly the same as you questioned.
That is, running the Andras full out and the JL-113 crossing over at about 55hz with a 12 db slope.
Once the Fathom 113 is calibrated it sounds extremly integrated with the Andras.

IMHO an electronic crossover would complicate or alter the sound purity. Not to mention more $$$ cables .
I agree with Ozzy. I am running the F113 crossed over between 50 and 55hz with my B&W 800's running full-range with no problems and well worth the performance attained.
I have tried it with and without an external crossover. Right now, I prefer using my NHT X2 crossover (only $300.00)w/ XLR inputs and outputs, with the high pass filter at 80Hz, with my Aerial 7Bs. While my Aerials are capable of in room response down to 25Hz, I simply get better bass performance from my F113. Although there might be a very, very small loss in transaprency, this is more than made up for by increased dynamimcs from my main speakers, having been freed up from low bass duties. The NHT X2 will also accept a LFE input if you are doing a combination 2 channel/HT set-up, as I am.
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If you run your main speakers full range without a crossover, I don't how is sounds right unless you set the sub to kick in below your speakers lowest frequency range. If your ML Odysseys go down to 35hz and you set your sub to come in at 55hz, you're duplicating the 35-55hz range and I don't see how that could possibly be the optimal setup. If you can download the manual for the Descent, I think you will see that Martin Logan suggests setting the sub to come in BELOW the lowest frequency range of your mains when you run them full range.

Also, why do you believe that you need an external crossover with the F113, but not the Descent?
Thanks for the answers, I am glad to see that I could run the 113 without the crossover. Cruz - I have a Martin Logan depth sub now in the system coming in at 35hz.

The reason I wanted to get the 113 is thatI have read it is very clean from 80 hz down. If I got the descent, I would run it in at 35hz. The descent i has the crossover built right in already.I only planned on buying 1 sub , even though JL Audio recommends 2 subs, 1 beside each speaker with an external crossover bring the subs in at 80hz.As mentioned , the main speakers will run cleaner.

However, that's a lot of money, 2 subs, crossover and extra wiring.I read a post on the ML owners forum where an ML dealer did mention that they preferred to bring in the descent at 35hz, but when it came to the JL Audio subs, he said they preferred the 80hz setting. He is both an ML and JL Audio dealer.

Cruz - the first 2 respondents to the thread weould also be duplicating 35 hz to 35hz and didn't seem to have any problems.
I prefer running a pair of f112's using 12db slope with lowpass set at 35hz. Mains running full range ( -3 db@ 25hz) without crossover. This way subs fill in from below and also add some texture to kickdrum ( 60 - 90hz) while tapering off before male vocals ( 90hz) begin. - Jim
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I am running a jl113 @ 37hz with my GMA's and they blend exceedingly well.Cruz23 is right in questioning the use of a external crossover due to the loss in information and increased phase distortion.Image transparency is how I judge the crossover points, a loss means that the sub is too high and too low affects the blend as well. Hope this helps Dennis
I'm running a single f112 without crossover. It works fine and to my ears integrates seamlessly with my AP Virgo IIIs. The response of the Virgos is very tight down to 40Hz and rolls off rapidly after that. I've got the low pass filter set at 40Hz with 24dB roll off. Higher than that, the mid-bass starts to get a bit bloated and the imaging starts to get a bit sloppy, confirming that the main speakers are working in this range. The best way of determining where to set the filter is just to listen and be prepared to take some time to get the final setting. Let your ears be the judge.