Jimmy Smith

I was told about Jimmy Smith recently and would like to pick up some of his music. Can anyone suggest his best album(s)? Thanks
Jimmy Smith's output for Blue Note was pretty consistent. My favorite is probably Midnight Special. His work on Verve sometimes got a little cheesy.

Happy listening!
I agree with the above, the Blue Note lps fom the 1950s and 60s are exceptional. I would also recommend "Back At The Chicken Shack", "The Sermon", "Prayer Meeting" and two of my all time favorites with Stanley Turrentine, Grady Tate and Kenny Burrell, "Formost" and "Foremost Returns" and of course "Dot Com Blues" from 2001 was a killer.
Dot Com Blues is the real deal!
With BB King, Etta James, Keb Mo and Dr John
I really like "Dot Com Blues". I also like "The Dynamic Duo" with Wes Montgomery.


I LOVE "The Sermon"
Yeah I also agree that the Blue Note releases are his most
consistent. "Groovin' at Small's Paradise" is a great live
2-CD set. The Rudy Van Gelder remaster is terrific.

"Angel Eyes" on Polygram is one his better later releases
from 1995 with great supporting cast most notably Roy Hargrove
and Christian McBride.

And of course "Dot Com Blues" but I like "Angel Eyes" better.
Mosaic records put out a great box set of his Blue Notes recordings. It's out of print, but well worth finding on the used market. Also, if you like Smith, you might want to check out the work of Larry Young. He recorded a series of Blue Note LPs with Grant Green (guitar).
I, as well, would concur with the recommendation to dig into his classic Blue Note recordings. There is one Verve recording in particular that shouldn't be disregarded...his 'Organ Grinder Swing' release.