jena labs cables..differences?

has anyone compared the 'symphony' vs 'valkyre' speaker cables and if so is the improvement worth the cost difference?..also ..same question with regards to the i/cs'.
I've compared Symphony, Valkyre and Pathfinder interconnects and speaker cables, yes there are differences though they are subtle; but worth it if you have the $$$. All of the things that Jennifer's cables do well are done better the higher up you go up the line(I have not heard the new dreamdancer's yet), larger soundstage, greater sense of clarity, even blacker background are the most noticeable gains. One day me and a couple friends sat around and compared the various levels of Jena Labs cables, I brought my symphony's/valkyre's, another friend brought his valkyre IC's and the fellow who was hosting this affair had his Pathfinder's(and a few symphony's- not to mention great armagnac), his system is composed of all reference level componente, however the room is horrible- very thin and bright. The room actually made the differences a little easier to detect! After a very long day of listening we all agreed the symphony's were by far the best "value" however the pathfinder's and valkyre's were slightly better in all area's, just at a higher cost. It comes down to just how much do you want to spend, for me I am happy for now, though I could see dreamdancer's in my system with in 5 years :)
tireguy..thanks for the response...jonathan tinn is going to send me a pair of the 'symphony' speaker cables to try.i recently changed i/cs' from Au24s' to concierto 'violins' which are better then any i/cs i have heard before...i have had valhallas' and hms before the Au24s'.a friend just switched to the 'symphonys' and thought i should give them a try which is why i emailed jonathan.i should have a pair of the concierto 'violin' speaker cables to try against them when they get here. should be interesting.the 'violins' are in the same price range as the 'valkyres' which prompted my initial question.thanks very much for the info. calloway