Jeff Rowland model 3, are they any good

I was in a shop today where they had some old Jeff Rowland model 3 mono amps for sale. Since I am looking for some new amps I was interested. But these Jeff Rowland model 3 are rather old, about 18 years I guess. The shop had them serviced they say, but old things tend to break even when serviced. I was thinking of using a BAT VK-3i as pre amp for it.

Does anyone know this amp and is it any good? Could you maybe describe the sound of it?

In other words would it be a good buy?
Mordante, JRDG amps are pretty tough to break, and that is why there are so many superannuated Rowland amps from the mid to late '80s out there for sale. I for instance am the proud owner of a set of Model 7M monos. . . and since they came out of the factory, the only thing that went wrong was some cold solder in the output transistors of one of the units. . . device was running cold and sounding sterile. . . 2 minutes with a soldering to retouch the contacts with Cardas solder and the creature has been purring ever since. Specs and manuals for JRDG classic amps are at:
I haven't listened to the Model 3 in particular, but it comes from the same era as my Model 7Ms. . . I might expect a very engaging sound, with lots of body, slightly warm and with a soft top.
It depends on the price but they are very good amps.
The shop is asking €2300 for a pair of model 3 mono blocks. The told me the original price was about fl 10.000,- But now with the euro it is a bit hard to say if that is a decent price.
One problem I have though is they are balanced and to get the most out of the amps I think I will need a balanced pre amp.
How a BAT VK-3i do?
The rest of my system is a CEC TL51x, Wadia 12, VPI Scout, Lyra Dorian, ClearAudio Basic.

I like how describe them, since that is what I am looking for, I mainly play rock and metal. Anything form Nick Cave and the bad Seeds, the Doors to Slayer and Machine Head.
Mordante, according to Bluebook, the JRDG Model 3 averages $1970 on the used market. That's roughly 1300 Euros. The original price was $4700 new. The price your dealer is asking may be a little high. G.
I think you can roughly say $1=€1 in second hand and new audio. A VPI scout retail in the Netherlands for about €1900 the US retail is $1800. Up to half a year ago the Scout retailed for about $2200.

It all depends a bit on the brand, a second hand BAT VK-3i will cost about €1400
Hi Mordante, if that is the case, considering also the significant cost of shipping any used Model 3s weighing 200lbs from the USA to Europe, the asking price of EU2300 or so is fair.