Jean Gilleau-Pipe Organs?

Has anybody ever heard of Jean Gilleau 'Pictures at the Exhibition'? I recently went to a Legacy show and requested some pipe organ music to see what the Whispers could do. They played this song that stunned me. I could feel it like a kick in the gut, and I liked it. I asked them what it was and they said "Jean Gilleau-'Pictures at the Exhibition'". I've looked everywhere for this with no luck. It's the perfect tune to test a systems lows. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. PS: I thought the Whispers were awesome, if only I could find some speakers that could do that for 2 grand or under.
I bought it at Tower Records about a year ago. As far as overall musicality of it though, I think it is horrible to listen to the entire peice on an organ. It does go way down. If it is purely for testing purposes, you have my recommendation, but for any other reasons, I do not see that it is worth the effort. Dorian - DOR-90117 Pictures at an Exhibition - Jean Guillou
Thank's for the info. Do you have any recommendations for some powerful good pipe organ music? I really enjoyed it.
The transcription has it's merits though not comparable to how much richer a full orchestra is. Definitely you need full ranges and power or at least a good sub well integrated with your monitors. Check following address interesting suggestions. regards
Reference Recordings Pomp and Pipes. I have a lot of others, but for sonics this will float your boat...
There are several pipe organ recordings that I enjoy: 1. The direct-to-disk recordings done by Virgil Fox on the Crystal Clear label. These were originally D-to-D LP's but are now available on CD. 2. Wilson Audio recording of the organ at St. Mark's Cathedral in Seattle, WA. Wilson Audio may no longer stock this LP/CD, but you can check the Web site for St. Mark's store outlet, Cathedral Associates. 3. Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA, has a fine music school, and about 2 years ago they dedicated a marvellous new organ built by the Fuchs Organ Company. There is a CD available of the dedication concert, and it has some fine acoustics. 4. There are several good organ recordings on the Telarc label (at the Mormon Tabernacle, as well as several other well known church organs). 5. If you are looking for a good test piece, try the organ selection on Prof. Keith Johnson's "Reference Recording" release of his "Amazing Sound Show". This LP has been an audiophile standard for many years. 6. Harmonia Mundi has some good recordings of various organs in Europe.
Try Virgil Fox plays ''The John Wannamaker Organ'' on (I think) and old Westminster WST record. Nothing like it!!