Jazz on record

I just came across a fairly new (2003) book that is packed with information on jazz artists, lables, and recordings:

"Jazz on record : the first sixty years" by Scott Yankow. Published by Backbeat Books, 600 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA 94107 ISBN:0-87930-755-2. Price is 49.95

Really chock full of information on the history of recorded jazz through 1976. Book is divided into 10 chapters that explore each period, and it's various movements.
This is just one of Scott's wonderful jazz books. If you like this book, you'll want to check out the others.

As a side note, Scott Yankow is also a featured record reviewer for the All Music Guide to jazz. You may also wish to buy an AMG to Jazz book.

Happy reading,
Brian Weitzel
Record Research Labs
I actually have three of the AMG books to different genres. They are great. As a matter of fact, that's how I knew of Scott Yankow. When I saw his name associated with this new work, I jumped on it. Very authoritative...
His name is Scott Yanow, not Yankow, and his books on Swing and Bebop are among my favorite resources. The ratings are not inflated and he has a special section for each artist for recordings on vinyl that haven't made the transition to CD. What I really like about his books is that he writes more from the perspective of a fan than of a critic. Meaning, he is not interested in panning bad recordings, rather in recommending some really wonderful records by some outstanding musicians.