Jazz from Europe?

I've run across several new jazz artists (for me) and have been quite impressed. These include:

Nguyen Le - "Bakida" and "Walking the Tiger's Tail"

Arild Andersen w/ Vassilis Tsabropoulos and John Marshall - "The Triangle"


Tord Gustavsen Trio - "The Ground"

I know that these folks have been around for a while, but it was a nice discovery to make a chance purchase which worked out so well. Any comments or additional recommendations???
Some great jazz recordings are found on the Enya label!
Kenny Barron for one.
for starters, Jazz at the Pawnshop. Incredible album. FIM has xrcd and sacd cd versions but even the redbook is unbelievable!

Also, Eddy House meets the Pim Jacobs trio.

The latter is the rarer of the two but must haves for jazz lovers!

Champtree! No harm meant by stating that Barron is an American! Gotta love our Jazz rooooooots baby! He's played with the likes of Monk and Pass.

Lots of stuff from blue note and verve. Even their older (read much preferred) releases in AAD (analog to digital) for cd's are great too!
Sd2005gt, Thanks for pointing out such a diversity of useful links. Where I recognized the recordings, your lists contain really excellent choices. Many others are new to me.
Will keep us all busy seeking them out.
esbjorn svensson[ piano trio EST]
nils petter molvaer[ electronic trumpet]
hans ludmann[ trio ivoire]
niclas simion[ w/ ng le is awesome]
dhafer youssef[ oud..electric sufi]
rainer bruninghaus
ketil bjornstadt
ilhan ersahin
jan garbarek
dieter ilg
christof lauer
email me if you'd like more names
Thanks for the responses! I will look into some of these that I do not already know.

Bobo Stenson - Goodbye
Martin Waslewski, et al - Trio
Tomasz Stanko - The Soul of Things
Check out Huong Thanh's Mangustao and Dragonfly (African mixed Vietnamese), produced by Nguyen Le. Also ELB (L=Le) and latest Nguyen Le's cd w/ Dhafer Youssef, and one older album with Trilok Gurtu on few tracks. Listen to Nguyen Le on Joule Electra VZN, Atma-Sphere M, and Shindo Monbrison and Shindo amp (i have all three systems) are match made in heaven. I've retired all other jazz/fusion Cds after Nguyen Le's experience because the content is "fluid", the artistry is world class and versatile, and the recording (by Act Music) is phenomenon. I am checking out Doky Minh next, another artist with Vietnamese background, who voted by Bass world as virtuoso.
Nguyen Le' is awesome. You need "Three Trios" and "Million Waves" they are better than the others in most ways. I have all his stuff. "tales from Viet Nam" is great too. They are all on the ACT label. He also did a Hendrix tribute. Chris Mihn Doky is great on Trilok Gurtus "Believe". All the Gurtu albums on CMP are great as well as "The Glimpse".

super second to

esbjorn svensson trio (est)

piano bass and drums
electronic and bowing elements

every album is great and worth buying

they sometimes tour the U.S. and are all the rage in Europe

the have an rock edge yet still hold down traditional elements of 60's jazz, great musicianship