ITUNES v7 any good?

I'm running ITUNES v6.something, and was looking forward to upgrading to v7, but early reviews of v7.0 were pretty grim. Seems like it was much slower to run, and very buggy. Are any of you running the latest v7.x (I think it's v7.2). How is it going? How does it compare? I'm actually holding off on upgrading to 2G nano because it requires the controversial v7.x.

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I forgot to mention that I am using Windows XP. Have never tried shuffle, sorry, can't answer that question. Having multiple libraries sounds very useful to me.

However I'm having enough problems with my Blackberry and Yahoo email right now to ask for more by downloading 7.2.

Seems like it's hard to predict whether I'll be one of the lucky ones or not.
Hmmm. Is the bottom line that the Mac version is great, but the Windows version is slow and buggy?