ITUNES v7 any good?

I'm running ITUNES v6.something, and was looking forward to upgrading to v7, but early reviews of v7.0 were pretty grim. Seems like it was much slower to run, and very buggy. Are any of you running the latest v7.x (I think it's v7.2). How is it going? How does it compare? I'm actually holding off on upgrading to 2G nano because it requires the controversial v7.x.
not much controversy IMHO - works just fine - interface is a bit cleaner in some areas (iPod interface) and of course it handles video. It has the album browser thingy which used to be a separate app - worthless but pretty.

basically Apple hasn't done anything new with audio - all about the store, the video etc - no worries it will be a pleasant change and I would be amazed if it slowed you down - tell you the truth when Apple puts out a rev I just do it - of course with a new OS its a bit bigger deal but this is simple
I actually have had nothing but trouble with v7.2. My issues were songs would skip during playback and would sometimes sound compressed and muffled. This would only be corrected by a reboot and then would happen again shortly. It got so frustrating, I went back to v6 and the problems disappeared. This also happened with my good friend's machine. He has a fairly new DELL Laptop and I have a 4 month old HP Media Laptop.

Apple is apparently aware of these issues but has not released a patch yet. I would suggest sticking with v6 until that update is released.

When I purchased the Nano 1G I thought (use it when I exercise, mostly) I'd NEVER fill up the 250 tune capacity. Not near it. Well, lo and behold, I filled (220 songs, because the songs were obviously pretty lengthy- 250 is really just an estimate, which I didn't know at the time.) it up pretty quickly. Just won an Apple Store refurbished Nano 2G on Ebay. The Nano should be here tomorrow and I, already, have 280 tunes in my itunes Library waiting for the new Nano. Half purchased and have imported. I love this little baby.
Ive had no problems with it!Go for it!
forgot to mention im using a Mac G4.
I had some issues running iTv7 on an XP machine--most notably getting it to work with my Emu 0404 soundcard. Finally got a fix that worked, but it required some messing around in non-intuitive ways. That said, it does support multiple libraries, which, for me, is a huge help. I used to have duplicates of everything in my library--an AAC file for d/ling to my iPod, and an ALAC for listening at home. The problem was slower scrolling, etc as iT tried to deal with the volume of files. Now, I can shift-double click on iT icon, and it asks me which library I want as it opens... Pretty useful feature for me.
Here's a little Nano question for you. Art, I hope you don't mind? When playing tunes in the "shuffle" mode, is there a way that I can stop the music so that the Nano can pick up in the same shuffle mode where it left off when I'm ready to listen again? warren :)
ahhhh - sorry guys - I didn't meant to mislead you

I don't do Windows, thing is rock solid in my world
Like Edesilva, I think the multiple libraries capability is a significant new feature. I used to kludge my way around the lack of this capability. I'd keep different library files in different places and move an alias to the library I wanted to use at a particular time into the sacred location in the iTunes folder.
I forgot to mention that I am using Windows XP. Have never tried shuffle, sorry, can't answer that question. Having multiple libraries sounds very useful to me.

However I'm having enough problems with my Blackberry and Yahoo email right now to ask for more by downloading 7.2.

Seems like it's hard to predict whether I'll be one of the lucky ones or not.
Hmmm. Is the bottom line that the Mac version is great, but the Windows version is slow and buggy?
@Artmaltman: I'm not sure I'd characterize iT7 as slow and buggy. I think--quite rightly--that Apple got a lot of web-static about the PC version of iT7 as being released before it got debugged. I gather 7.1 and 7.2 are substantially better. After I got my initial kinks with the Emu worked out, iT7 has run fine for me... And, the multiple libraries are pretty useful.

@Warrenh: I've got a Nano and when I hit pause, then play, it continues the shuffle pattern its on... Why not just hit pause and then lock it if you are leaving it for a while? It still dims the screen, and it isn't playing anything, so it shouldn't have that bad an impact on battery life...
great idea. I'll give it a try.