Items for sale here and on ebay without remotes....

Do people understand that many of these items may be stolen?  No time to find the remote in the theft.  By no means all, but especially on ebay the number of units without remotes is amazingly high.  

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That is interesting.  I worked in the Audio industry and my friends are mostly audiophiles.  I worked at a high end audio store (audio research,. etc.) and never ordered a replacement remote for a customer.  Would be good to hear from a manufacture on the frequency of orders for replacement remotes.  I do agree that a person can lose or break their remote.  And i did say "may be".  As with most things regarding used units, it is good to know the background.  The words "may be" is in no way  assuming the pieces are stolen, simply another part of "Buyer beware".   What makes you think that "many people lose or break their remotes"?  
Interesting response.  However this is AudiogoN, not ebay.