IsoAcoustics Iso-Puck vs. Iso-Puck Mini

Theoretically, one could use either of these models as footers on equipment weighing <=24 pounds (each "mini" can support 6 pounds: 6x4=24). The "minis" are a lot cheaper than the standard Iso-Puck.  Has anyone compared the two on equipment <=24 pounds?  Does the standard Iso-Puck offer any advantage at ~$240/8 vs. the "mini" at $99/8?
I suggest you consider Herbie's Audio Labs products. I use them under my 115lb speakers, amp and streamer dac....I'm very satisfied. I had used the cork-rubber sandwich squares under my Vons for years and recently switched to the small glider feet. I was not expecting anything but the bass got a little more defined and the soundstage improved side to side.
If the two models are spring based the reason why there are two models is that the spring rate (springiness) of the springs must be matched to a range of loads to achieve the degree of isolation desired as well as lateral stability. I would expect no difference in overall sound.