ISO Cartridge shields and boxes

My audiophile uncle recently passed away and I found 5 decently looking cartridges with no boxes or stylus protectors loose in a drawer.  I've put them in a jewelry box but wondering if there's a resource to get protective boxes for them.  I'm thinking of those boxes that suspend the cartridge so that it doesn't get damaged in freight.  Any ideas?
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You can screw your cartridge to any hard plastic container, you will have to make two holes and you need two nuts on top to fix it properly, a cartridge must be enclosed inside with at least an inch of free space under the stylus.

If you have MC (Moving Coil) cartridges make sure to use only one cartridge in each container. They have very strong magnets. You don't need a shielded box, use non magnetic boxes only.
So simple...great ideas, thank you!!