Is You Is or Is You Ain't My REGA?

Does anyone know if Rega made/makes a three speed turntable? I'm making a customized installation requiring such. I know that at one time Rega made a fantastic 78 rpm table as I have used in a previous installation. None of the dealers I have emailed have returned inquiry.Hope to hear. Vinyl still rules!
Rega currently does not make a 3 speed turntable. They do however produce a dedicated 78rpm turntable called the REGA 78. In the UK this retails for £224 (approx $336) without cartridge. They also sell a 78 cartridge which retails for £42 (approx $63) to go with this deck

Regards, Richard

I suppose that one could have a competent machinist make a 33/78 pulley to replace the 33/45 on the stock unit. It might be worth looking into. Should be easy and relatively inexpensive. You'd probably need a different belt or use an older one that has stretched out a bit.

I still find Dual 1229s and 1219s with 78rpm in very decent shape lying about shops. These were very decent tables despite their rim drive design. The arms were also decent.