Is upgrade from Mark Levinson 36 to 360S worth it?

I have been considering an upgrade of my Levinson 36 to a 360S. Is anyone familiar enough with the two units to offer any sound advise? I understand the upgrade is around $2500 and I have spent more on digital equipment than any other component over the last few years. I'd love to find that "perfect sound forever" as promised. Thanks for your advise in advance.
Hi Mitch; If the rest of your system is at or near the quality of the 360S then you'd hear a "worthwhile" improvement over the older 36 series, ie veils lifted, more dynamic(s), more natural, but overall, just plain more musical. IMO, the 360S is one of the best sounding DACs available, but you'd just have to try it in your system to see if it sounded great or just good to you-- and relative to your 36. I've owned the 360S for about a year and have no regrets at all. Cheers. Craig
the upgrade from the 36 to the 36s is substantial but the upgrade to the 360s is an entirely different league. well worth the money.
I'll second Craig's response above--the 360S in a top notch system will make the 36 sound broken by comparison--much smoother and less "grainy" sounding. Much more inner detail and subtleties also in the 360s. You won't regret it one second!