Is Threshold back?

I thought the Threshold is back in business, is that true? They did show up in the CES show right? Is any one has the news update for Threshold? Thanks.
I have heard several people say that Threshold is back, but I'm still waiting for someone to come up with a phone number, address, etc. so I can contact them.
Back in name only??? Many companies that go under sell the rights to their name and old designs -- if the "name" is indeed back it does not necessarily translate to the Threshold of the past.
Yes they are comming back. Go to (under construction). I talked eith an ex-employee who used to design them. He said they will eventually repair almost all of their older products. The reason that I had to find that out, is that I just bought my second s-300II amp. Also on that site, they have help for P.S. Audio products.