Is This A DVD or Plasma Issue?

As I reported last month, I purchased a 55" Hitachi plasma and an inexpensive ($100) Progressive Scan HDMI DVD player from Samsung.

Here is what I'm experiencing. When I watch a DVD and it goes from one scene to the next where the following scene is darker (shadows darker colors) I see some reminents from the previous scene. It's almost like some type of low-level burn-in. It goes away as the scene changes, but it's annoying.

My HDTV channels look fantastic with none of the issues I described above, which leads me to believe that the Samsung processor is not very good. Any thoughts or recommendations? My AVR is a Denon 3300.
unless its doing it on lots of dvd's, it is probably the dvd authoring problem...happens a lot.
Do your self a favor and buy an Oppo player for $200. The picture is amazing, better than my Denon 3910.
Oppo? Who makes it and where can I get one?

Can you borrow a different DVD player from your friend and see if the problem goes away?
Here's their website:
They offer great service at an exceptional price.
Thanks Krell, I appreciate it.