Is there an AutoGon on the 'net?

This is a terrific site for us 'philes and tweaks to buy and sell stuff and exchange ideas. I also have an interest in cars (albeit less than audio/music). Only sites I've found are Ebay and a bunch of car stereo sites, any automotive sites out there similar to the 'Gon? Thanks all, Jeff
Check out "" they include both dealer and private seller listings.
Even buying from the dealer's lot you can get yourself a headache with defected vehicle.

A new vehicle will not be that much of a price difference either on the internet or at the local dealer(s).

I don't see a point.

I shop for cars in Florida where the old population spending their retirement searching for 10 yo vehicles with lo milage. That's how I've got 1989 mint Towncar for misurable price(paid cash at once) from 85yo men that now orders a shopping delivery instead of driving. I bet this one will outlive any new vehicle with its original parts.
I'm more interested in parts for my cars rather than buying a car. I have a 1989 Toyota Supra Turbo and a 2001 Acura 3.2 CL-Type S. I'm interested in after-market exhausts, wheels, performance improvements, trim kits, etc..
I already did the stereo up right (surprise surprise) but sometimes need parts for my Supra or want stuff for either car. A site like this would be terrific.

Clubsi is all about hondas(surprise) and VWVortex is mostly about VW but they have a car lounge that is the best car forum on the net, IMO. At vortex they talk about everything, those guys are as into all forms of cars as we are audio, I can't go there any more its too serious for me! And I am a car guy, or well used to be prior to home audio.