is there a website that has the schedules of shows

I am thinking...before I sink any more $ into this I might want to visit a show or two to actually hear what is out there. I am in Omaha, NE -- is there any thing near here?
shows are lousy to listen to gear. given the scarcity of stores today, buying higher end hi fi is a bit of a gamble. its best to build on what you know you like.
Best to target the CES shows. Populated by people who are knowledgeable but tend to ignore the consumer as they are targed at the dealer network. Small companies are missing as the cost, even if they in with a large firm, is still high. Best is the January show. Everyone needs to have attended at least one of these.
The only thing near Omaha would be Death Valley on most levels.Maybe best to try those 30 day deals or move to the coast if you can handle the heat,good luck,Bob
The Rocky Mountain Audio Festival is in Denver, which should be in range of you. This year's meeting according to their website is Oct 10-12.

Audio clubs like Chicago Audio society have manufactors visit some monthly. Hopefully there is a club in Ne. that does this. I also suggest the ROCKY MOUNTAIN AUDIO FEST. It is a good time but rooms a problem for most manufactors. But you still get some idea of the product.