Is there a statistics of ...

how Audiogoners' CURRENT MAIN systems consist of with BRAND information plus following?

(1) Source: analog or digital or both
(2) Pre: yes or no, if yes, tube or ss
(3) Amp: tube or ss, integrated or not
(4) Speaker: stand mount or floor stander

Don't mean to show which brand or setup is superior, just curious.

For example:

(2) Pre: no
(3) Amp: SS / integrated / Bryston

Interesting question ...

(1) Source: analog / VPI & digital / Meridian
(2) Pre: SS / Mark Levinson
(2a) Pre: SS-phono / Musical Fidelity
(3) Amp: SS / Mark Levinson
(4) Speaker: Floor stander / MartinLogan
(5) Cables: Mostly Audioquest / Harmonic Technology
Interesting idea. One problem might be that many audiophiles systems seem to change so often.
Wadia 27ix D/A,Wadia 270 transport digital
Wadia directly into amplifiers
VTL 750 REFERENCE tube monoblock
Genesis 201 floorstander
Source: Levinson 390S
Pre amp: Spectral DMC30S
Back-up Pre: Bryston BP25
Phono: Bryston 1.5 stand-alone
Amplifier(s):Bryston 4BSST, Spectron, Atma-Sphere OTL
Cables: JPS (speaker), Goertz (ic) have many,many others.
Zero Autoformers (for the Atma-sphere, though the Bryston loves it too)
Speaker: Newform Research 645 Ribbons Modded

Presently running the 390S into the Atma-sphere direct.
If there are enough responses that is statistically significant, I will try to put them into an Oracle Database and generate reports of the results.

Please note, this is for your CURRENT MAIN system only. If you are in the process of upgrading, you may enter the NEW system later when you are done.

BRANDS only, no models. I suspect that none of mine will even rank in the top ten, but it sure do sound good!

(1) Source: analog,(table/arm/cartridge)- Nottingham/Origin Live/Shelter; digital - Sony; tuner - vintage Sony with superb Don Scott mods
(2) Pre: linestage - Herron; phono stage - K & K Audio
(3) Amp: McCormack
(4) Speaker: Vandersteen
(5) Cables: Ridge Street Audio