Is the sound of ATL plug performing the best?

I read an article as:

16 Amp Pure Copper Plating Rhodium Power connector
100% conductive
4 layer non - magnetic plating
Comprehensive upgrade
D I Y the highest level

Are they good?
I would certainly think so. I am a big fan of the ATL 100% conductive plugs (not so much the ones that are lower in the model chain and thus less conductive). I actually transferred the ETP-M16RH ETP-F16RH plug to my coffee maker (Transvold Extreme 568H from Norway), and holy cow, it brewed the living bejeezus out of my coffee...WOW! Immediately, I noticed new subtleties and even aromas that I had never picked up on, probably because of the magnetic plating. Truly, this is a special plug that is performing its best. 
Wow, it is so amazing. I like to try, too.
In the addition, I heard it used on audio is good.
Is it? had ever experience for sharing?   
He is making a joke - and a good one (but left out covfefe).

Please don't waste your money on this.  Buy better speakers, or better room treatments, or better masterings or recordings of your music.

thank you for your comments. I will change other audio equipment to save the money. thank both of you anyway. get nearby market..
Usually, the best thing to do is to upgrade your speakers, or add better room treatments.

Best Wishes