Is the EMC Spider Clamp available yet?

I live in Asia. Last I heard from my hi-fi dealer was that availability of the new Spider Clamp for the EMC 1 CD player was due sometime April-May. Checked with them and they said they heard nothing from Electrocompaniet yet. Anyone has a clue? Is the clamp available in Europe or the US?
I noticed this on a website of a known and respected dealer.

As an owner of a EMC-1, I'm troubled by EC's apparent inability to get the Spider to market. The gadget seems simple enough to me. I get the feeling that EC isn't putting much effort into it or, they're just downright inept in Norway. In either case, there isn't much info coming from EC, which is another disappointing reality. I was very excited by the prospect of the Spider at first, now I'm feeling rather ambivalent about it. Pretty pathetic how the Spider thing has been handled by EC IMO.