Is the Bi-wire really that bad?

I used to own a pair of mono run AZ's Satori and loved
their beautiful organic timber very much. When they deliver music it is like your mother singing to you.
And then I swiched to the Hologram II Biwire after have
read many stated that the Hologram would do even better.
I found that the Hologram II biwrie are at least as equally good as the Satori mono were if not improved a
lot. Soundstage is getting greater and clearer, faster pace and better top extention... if the Satori are like
mother singing then the Hologram II would be like father
playing, still an intimate family member communicate with
you, just a bit more majesticness added.
Now my question is: almost everyone agree that for the Hologram II, single wire is the way to go, but, if the
bi-wire won't lift the sound quality, could it be WORSE than the mono run? Or, is it fair to say: the extra money
is not worthy because the mono run and the bi-wire are no
Any one has incisive opinion?
I don't think this issue will ever be resolved. The one thing you can defonitely say for bi-wire configuration is that you are making the "pipe" between your amp and speaker twice as big.
I don't know for sure, but in my case it was different for different speakers. My previous speakers were much better bi-wired and my current are much better with single run. Don't worry about what anyone says, listen and decide for yourself.
Depends on the cables. Some designs use a smaller wire for the highs which may be sonically better. I have had no issues with bi-wire cables with speakers that can use them.
I couldn't hear a difference. Now active vertical bi-amping, that's a whole different story. Subtle difference. But still cool.

You're probably better off redoing the crossover (and may bi-wiring on top of that). Unless you bought something like Kharmas with Enigma upgrades or something, your can probably improve your stock crossovers a bunch.
Thanks, Art and Nsgarch.
I can not tell if the mono Hologram with jumpers would be better than the biwire but I am sure the Hologram II biwire are definitly top the Satori single run.
I think if you get heavier gauge for biwire then the same brand of mono, you are save.
I used to have Mirage 3 speakers that were bi-wire.Used 2 Bryston amps in vertical and horizontal bi-amping then tried just one bi-wired. Best was when I re-wired to a single 2 post system by joining the wires inside the speaker.(easy to do just screw terminals that attached each speaker lead).Then I bought a better single run of speaker wire and a better single amp.