Is Stealth Sakra IC is really better than Indra?

I've used several ICs over the years including Nordost Valhalla, Tara Labs Zero and Siltech G6. I found the Indra to the best cable I've experienced (including the other Stealth cables), and still live happily with them for the past two years now (they are clearly among the best investments I've made in audio). Stealth came out with a new reference IC, the Sakra. I'm carious to hear from other users how better it is compared to the Indra. Unfortunately, I don't have the option to test it in my system. The rest of the system includes TAD reference 1 and MSB Platinum DAC IV signature.
yes it is.
Hmmm, well I have a Sakra, as well as the Indra. The Sakra I have had for a couple of months now, about 400 hours break-in time on it! I have had a number of listening sessions with it, the last one at about 250 hours. I plan to have another listening this week, at the 400 hour mark.

Off the hop I would have to agree with Kops, yes it is! Right out of the box it's better. In my experience it has gone through some growing pains in the break-in, and has also had some, shake your head in amazement, incredible moments in those first 250 hours. I am very much looking forward to seeing where it lands, where is settles out so to speak!! At that time I will spend some time swapping it out with the Indra, to do a direct comparision.

At this point I have to say that no matter how the Sakra turns out, and I think it's going to be strongly better than the Indra, I believe the Indra is an excellent excellent value at the used prices on here! I actually prefer buying used cable, this breaking in cable is painful. If you're on the bang for the buck should be very happy with the Indra, I may just end up there myself! I am still open to the possibility the Sakra has potential to blow me away.....but yikes, it's not cheap!

I'll report more with more hours on the cable!
Bullot right on!

Yes Sakra needs good break-in and this period is painful as you said but since it is fully loaded with Helium I'd never risk to buy it used. I prefer to have a good deal from the Stealth dealer.
You never know what torments the previous owner passed it on.

IMHO the Sakra's break-in point is above 500hrs...

As for used Indras I totally agree, in such prices are high value for money!!!!
Well the 500 hour thing is good news Kops! I had heard another fellow say that it really comes together around 1000 hours, but if you noticed 500 and above, then I'm close! I can understand your position on the used thing, there are some really good deals right from the dealers these days........I do like to think that anyone who pays this much for cable would take good care of it, but you're right, you never know!

One question I have, and maybe it's a dumb question, nevertheless I'll put it out there for people! When breaking in an interconnect, do you need to have the amps on? If I am breaking in the source ic can I just have my source CD player running without the pre and amps running and having actual music coming out the speakers!! Are you actually getting signal flow if there is no work being done? Throughout this breakin I have had my system playing music at low levels! Thoughts anyone!
Hello Bullot,

You just need the component driving the interconnect to be on, so no, you don't need to have your preamp or the amp on to break-in the interconnect(s) coming out of your source.

Hey, thanks Tom.........I'll shut the system down and save some electricity!! I am considering putting the Sakra on a cable cooker........anyone try that with Stealth?
Used Darma cable cooker on STELTH DREAM V10.At 250 hrs cable is really opening up it is already better than Dream which i had in system first.
Quick update on the Sakra Break-in. I was at around the 450 hour mark this week and sat down for a long night of listening. There was quite a jump from the 250 hour mark. I was hearing a much wider sound stage than with the Indra, alot more detail, alot more air, and without a doubt, more layers. I was quite impressed. As good as it was I can't completely let go of the Indra.......I have had some very emotional listening sessions with it.....if the Sakra can do that in the future, it will be a hands down no brainer. I'm actually starting to wonder what another Sakra to replace the Indra from my pre to my amps, would sound like!
Guys.....just for kicks and giggles I bought a pair of Mogami Gold ic's..........$100 for the pair. To make a long story short, they are amazing! I sold the Sakra and Indra! The Mogami Gold got me 95% of the way there at 1% of the cost! Initially I just bought the cable to integrate my home theatre system in with my 2 channel system. One night for fun I swapped the Sakra and Mogami, and never looked back. The money from my Sakra and Indra bought me an MBL6010D!!
So Bullot, what's the missing 5%?
Alfredbac writes:
The rest of the system includes TAD reference 1 and MSB Platinum DAC IV signature.
Stupendous. What amps are you using with the fabulous TADs?

Rgs92...........that's a great question!! I actually don't know if I could put my finger on it. I would say there may be a little more flesh with the Sakra cables! I have heard someone describe the Valhalla as having less body than the Indra, but great detail and imaging, that may nail the Mogami Gold! I have actually changed my system for the better since then, especially with the addition of the MBL6010D.........and I would love to do another comparison so as to really nail the subtle difference! I do know another fellow who sold his Tara Zero after trying the Mogami........and he was running an MBL system worth over 100K. In our experience, the difference was just not worth the money. This week I will be comparing Analysis Plus Golden Oval agaist the Mogami, so it will be interesting to see if the results meet my memory. I would love for others to try this! Heck, for the $100 it's worth a try!
In audiophile world 5% difference is the difference between heaven and earth. Stealth and many other cables may be overpriced but it takes time, money and effort to design and build the cable that would give you those 5%. And very possibly in some systems it can be 50%. Mogami is designed for pro aplications so it should be okay especially balanced but it is unlikely to be great. Pro audio is rarely great, it is just more or less clear and very loud.
Alot of what you are saying is true Inna! I myself have on occassion spent thousands to get that 5%!! In this case I sold my ic's and put $10 000 in my pocket, so I guess I have decided the 5% is not worth 10 grand to me! Right now I am considering spending part of that $10k and getting a Tripoint Troy, which will give me way more than 5%.

Who knows, when I run out of places to reasonably upgrade my system again, I may reach for that 5% and end up with the Stealth in my system........but right now I'm getting more by investing that in other areas, such as a preamp or Troy! As for my friend with the Tara Zero.......he had $30K in a very long run of ic' that's alot of jingle for 5%. I find the Mogami gold gives me a very, you are there, sound, much like the Atmasphere preamp did. (On that point, Ralph Karsden of Atma recommends using Mogami with his gear) Alot of other cables were giving me their flavour.....which isn't all bad of course, and in some cases much prefered. Everyone has that decision to make.
Well said Bullot
Well, Ralph may voice his amps using Mogami cables, and also he may of course want you to spend more money on his amps than on cables with possibly better outcome for you. I could probably call it a fair and subtle advertising and not a bad way of doing business. No objection from me though others might disagree. If I thought about getting those amps I would certainly first try them with Mogami and then compare it to, well, Stealth and Purist.
Thanks Bullot and Inna. Yep, I always doubt the notion of X% difference in something that is qualitative, not quantitative. If that 1% is, say, an opaque bass or ringing midrange, that could make the component totally unacceptable, and suddenly 1% is 100%. I think what is meant is that 2 things have a similar sound signature, but that is only the beginning.

Of course, those Mogamis sound interesting from someone who knows the Stealth magic, so thanks for the tip Bullot.
Just wanted to bring this back to life and ad my thoughts.

Very interesting read and just shows preferences.

I have had, tried and owned numerous cables from different manufactures and some that have been mentioned above and going with Stealth got me off the merry-go-round.

That was comparing Stealth's Indra cables and not the Sakra's. Going from the Indra's to the Sakra's was a very nice improvement over all and most defiantly more than a 5% difference in my set-up.

Very happy indeed!

My system consist of;

- MBL 101E speakers
- Vac Sig MK2a pre w/phono
- Vac Statement 450 mono blocks
- Esoteric K-01
- MR78 tuner with mod
- MD 109T tuner
- Mico Seiki 5000 table with floating platter mod from Germany and numerous arms and carts "replaced my TW Acustic Black Knight table"

and numerous other goodies ...