Is PS Audio powerful enough for my system

I want to buy PS Audio Premier for my audio system: Bryston BCD-1+BP26+7B SST2+Thiel 3.7. I am not very confident if Premier powerful enough for my system. Can you please give me two cents. Thank you in advance!
I would not try to use it with the amps. I own a Bryston 4B-SST2 and use a Furman REF20i for the amp.
You WOULD be able to use a Torus (Bryston made) power supply for the amps..
If you just use the Premier for the non-amp stuff it will be good.
None of the power conditioners do well if pushed anywhere near capacity, and TWO Bryston 7B-SST2 would be taxing the Premier and you would lose dynamics and probably start getting sound that is 'thin'.
I really like the big Furman, Luck I found one for $1,400. instead of $3,500 right here on the goN'.
Bryston does well with the balanced power. I own a Bryston BP-26 also.
It has a 1500 watt capacity and will power my Krell 300S. I don't like to push it near capacity like Elizabeth pointed out but the 300S draws only about 600W when listening at normal levels for me. I have a dedicated amp circuit that I prefer to isolate the amp though so I plug everythin else into the Premier so the fan does not cycle often. PSA told me that it will be fine if not pushed beyond the rating though so don't under estimate it. I was thinking of selling mine then determined I couldn't live without it when I just used the Quintette so I actually have one in both of my systems and is powering a Krell 500i (250wpc) with ease.
Thank you for your response.
Normally, I only turn the volume to 9 or 10 clock, which means I only use around 30% of amp's capacity. In that case, is it ok for Premier?
I run my Zero One Mercury CD/HD player, Supratek tube preamp, and two Gilmore Raptor 500WPC monoblock amps with a PPP with no problem whatsoever. The fan doesn't even come on. I tried the amps directly from the wall and it does not sound as good as through the PPP - apparently the much cleaner power (0.4% THD) trumps the dynamic restrictions, at least in my system.