Is Plinius 9200 much better than 8200 MK II?

I was wondering whether plinius 9200 is way better than 8200 MKII? which one do you suggest to drive Totem Forrest? I can't do demo because there is no dealer in my local area (virginia). So i rely pretty much on folks in the forum .

I have owned both of these and the 9200 is a major step up from the 8200mk2 in all areas. I have had the 9200 for 2 years now. I remember the increase in transparency and frequency extremes being the most notable differences between the two. Having lived with it for 2 years
I think it does alot of things very well for a ss amp. It's got plenty of drive & authority and has a very smooth, non
fatiquing character that is easy to listen to. It's detailed & airy up top in my system. However the phonostage
is probably it's weakest link. Recently I got a real phonostage (Art Audio Vinyl One) and had my ears opened to what I have been missing all these years. The line stage seems to be much more transparent than the phono. If your cd
based it will do the job very nicely. I Think it accomplishes
alot for the asking price and certainly in the used market.
What speaker do you have , if you don't mind? I have Totem Forrest. Totem suggested me Plinius. I currently have Rotel separate, but i don't have a way to compare both brands together.
I have the Sonus Faber Cremonas. The 9200 should drive your Forrest without any problem as far as power goes. Since I haven't heard your speakers I can't comment on the amp/spkr
snyergy. From your previous post I see you like solid state
amps and the Plinius is a very good example of that technology and avoids alot of the traditional weaknesses of some solid state designs. The 9200 in my experience really excells in the bass and drive department with my previous Thiel 2.3's and now with the Cremonas as well.
I owned 8200 mkII and have briefly heard the 9200 (30 minutes?). I'd say the 9200 has definitely the same sonic character overall, and strikes me as a little more honest and clear than my memory of the 8200 mk II. The bass seems tighter, cleaner, and very satisfying. The high end seems a little clearer to me. I do think it's a step up, and noticable, but can't comment on the relative value.
Why not go for used separates?
They will supercede all integrated and will probably cost, not much more. You won't regret it!
SA-102 will do for awhile.