Is Mc a step up on the prima luna's?

My system presently; b&w 804S, Prima Luna Six Amp P.L. three pre amp,cambridge azur840c cd, panamax line conditioner. Years ago I had sh entry system Mcintosh. In the last few months I have had a yearning to go back to my first love -- the Mcintosh. I know we are comparing apples and oranges to try to draw a comparison between the Mc and the P L. but was thinking of moving from the P.Ls back to SS. Have my eye on a MA 6500. I like my p.l.'s but thought the Mc might drive my b&Ws with a little more authority and perhaps produce a fuller sound ewspecially in the base. Would appreciate some help and suggestions. JNorthj
The fulness/bass performance with the PLs' stock tubes is okay.There are other 12ax/au's that will rectify these short-comings.The Shuguang triple-mica 12ax7s and the Mazda/Radio Technique french military (triple mica) 12au7s.
Google search will reveal sources for both and may cure your need for a fuller/more ample bass.
No... while I could agree with you that your speakers could use more power and perhaps solid-state control in the bass, you'll lose that nice EL34 midrange that the PrimaLuna offers.

Here's an idea... Bi-amp: Use the Prima Luna amps on the midrange and highs and get a powerful solid-state amp to use on the bass section. That way you get more power and keep the nice midrange and highs. Either that or keep the PL preamp and get a very good solid-state amp to drive the speakers full range. If that works to your satisfaction you could then sell the PL Six amps.
I have a Mac C2300 preamp with a high output Class D amp and it really woke up my 803D mains (the amp...the preamp bought out the richness and bloom i'd been seeking). I like this combination with the B&W speakers which like good clean high quality power plus bi-wiring at a minimum.

Some good class D amps to consider are the new Bel Canto REF1000II and the Spectron MK2, imho.
Bel Canto Ref 1000 Mk.2 are incredibly fine monos. . . they can even control the bass of my difficult to drive Vienna Mahlers without breaking a sweat. . . in addition their mids and treble sound sweet, Sweet, Sweet! G.