Is matching sensitivity for HT speakers important?

I'm working on a sub-$1000 budget for HT 5 channel speakers. The system will also be used for 2 channel music. One option I'm considering is getting Athena Micras (now going for $300!) and but get better speakers for the front L&R for the music. I have my eye on the NSM Model 5, but they have an 85 dB sensitivity as opposed to the Micras 89 dB (I think). I notice that NSM's HT system includes a center with a sensitivity of 89 or 90. Is that a problem or not? Wouldn't that make the center channel (also the rear with the Athenas) noticeably louder and drown the front L&R?
You'd take care of the sensitivity issue when you set up the system by matching levels.
The tonal balance using different speaker brands-types is of greater concern.
As snowfun says, you'll be able to adjust the channels to output evenly. The lower the sensitivity the more power you will need to achieve a certain level of loudness. If you're into loud music I'd look at a more sensitive speaker.
You might check out Ascend Acoustics too in that price range.
Very helpful. I will look into the Ascends. Thanks, guys.