Is it my amp or my speakers?

I've been dissatisfied with my system of late--wanting a little more brightness and color--and can't decide if it's the amp or the speakers, or both. Here's the set-up:
  • Krell KAV-300i integrated
  • Cyrus CD-T
  • Schiit Gungnir DAC
  • Tekton Lore speakers
The Krell was a hand-me-down (!); everything else was purchased new. The amp had some overpriced work done to it a few years back and I'm wondering if the workmanship is starting to show, or possibly its age (~25 years, I'm guessing). Or, are the amp and speakers mismatched?I can afford to invest about $3K in the system, but am unsure where best to put it.Any thoughts/advice would be much appreciated.
Its not that hard. Your budget is $3k. The choice is clear.
@millercarbon the reviews on those are great, but, man, 118#! and 54" high! there is the wife factor to consider...
@erik_squires it is a big, open room...
I have Moabs. Wife likes em a lot. I let her pick the color. 

The thing about Tekton, Eric has come up with a technology and design approach so superior to others he is able to offer speakers that out-perform anything in their class, price-wise. That's guaranteed to trigger, especially seeing a name nearby who totally does not get it. And he is not alone. They can stay clueless for all I care. Whatever, the point is the magic in his low mass/low stiction approach really only comes to full fruition in his MTM array designs. This is where the superiority of the tweeter array over a conventional midrange driver really shows. Double Impacts, are a little less than half an array, yet look at the reviews. I've never heard them but talking to those who have, and have heard others like Moabs, I have a pretty good idea what to expect.  

Your Lores are really good speakers, but they are made for the guy with a few tube watts who listens very near field to violins and stuff and wants that nice warm glow sound. Bet they are just beautiful for that. You probably were quite happy with them, until enough things got better and you're in a position to want and have more. Makes perfect sense. 

Just get em in a nice neutral dark gray, or whatever the wife prefers, you will be fine. Mine felt like monsters at first, but only at first, and then there's the sound, when you hear that you know its totally worth it. 

Whatever you do, the last thing you want to do is overreact. Worst thing you could do is go out looking for speakers with a bright top end. Double Impacts, Moabs, do not have a bright top end. They have a right top end. That's what you want. Do it right, you will be happy for another 8 years, at least. 
Having too few reflections can be a problem too. :)  If you get close and it sounds better, you may need some partially reflecting panels, or perhaps more bass.

See how they sound very close up.  If they still sound lifeless, yeah, get new speakers.